Design matters

Stand up and get noticed

Putting your life’s work in somebody else’s hands can be scary. That’s why we at the Upright One will never lecture you on your company’s image. Instead, we’ll work very hard to bring your business flair and values to the fore and present them in a coherent and up-to-date way. You’ve already baked the cake. We just put the icing on it.
Whether you are looking for: large-scale brand regeneration or a sharper, smarter sales brochures, the Upright One works on projects big or small. All our assignments carry equal weight. Don’t be afraid to contact us to find out how we can help you. Don’t let bad design get in the way of great products.

Concepts and failed pitches

You'll never fail until you stop trying I must admit, it hurts. When you put all that effort into a pitch that you feel can move things forward for a client and you just don't make it past the next phase, or phase 1 gets rejected or the costs are too high to warrant a brand update.

Booty’s Bitter

Raymond 'Ray' Charles Booty (3 September 1932 – 25 August 2012), sometimes nicknamed 'The Boot', was an English road bicycle racer.

Twisted Barrel 2016 events

We were delighted and honoured to be asked by one of the Midlands best breweries for a poster series to promote their summer beer festival at Twisted Barrel as well as their yearly events.

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