Glass Jaw IPA concept

You never fail until you stop trying

I wanted to share a failed concept for a Glass Jaw Brewery of Stourbridge, England. The concept:  Yeast makes love to sugars in a waterbed, all magnified on the label. Logo concept plays with the glass kilns once found peppered in Stourbridge, in the West Midlands. Rugged typeface to show a gritty, industrial unit in the Black Country, where the beer is brewed and once a hub of creativity, innovation and manufacturing. This trend seems to be reignited.




Monogram concepts

Loved the idea of using a monogram with the initials. The typeface was not final at this early pitch stage. Needed something chunkier, collegiate like.

On the black cap below, to give the type more focus, I placed an irregular, wax-seal-type element. The irregularity portrays non conformism to standard beer trends. The hollowed out letters would look great when filled with beer (see pint glass). This same detail would look good  if a die cut were produced for a pump-clip, to give the appearance that glass sits in the hollowed, punched-out area, although we would need to think more how the bowl and counter of the B would hold together.

Cap 2, shows a similar setup with an elongated, syphon like J.





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