Sadler’s Brewhouse and Bar

Sadler’s Brewhouse and Bar was opened in late March 2015, located in The Lye at the Conyers Trading Estate. After working with Sadler’s Ales for best part of two years building their brand through the total bottle rebrand, tasting notes, the ‘chalk board’ style point of sale material and collateral as well as a number of social media graphics centred around craft beer, we were asked to work on the branding for the Brewhouse in a short timeframe. We explored various concepts that involved their parent branding along with a new service offering of BBQ and American style cooking. The design process was made challenging by the imminent opening as well as trying to differentiate the core element of the business (bottled and cask beer) with the Brewhouse entity.

The final concept based itself on the 2D, side elevation profile of the warehouse the brewery was situated in. Bold typefaces, both classic and free flowing in style, an industrial, grunge like texturing and a tagline, made the final identity coherent. The interior of the Brewhouse included a lot of the graphics we created specifically for the tasting notes and elements of the chalk board style used on bar runners and beer mats.

Sadler's Brewhouse and Bar Invite

Sadler's Brewhouse Logo