Hop and Glory – Craddock’s Brewery

The pump clip, it’s what you see when you lean against the bar waiting for that first pint. For our friends at Craddock’s Brewery, we designed a pump clip in celebration of the English hops Charles Faram sourced from the Hopshires.

David Craddock and I visited Charles Farram at their yearly Hop walk. An amazing place, with superb hosting and some interesting speakers.

We had devised a variety of names and possible looks at brainstorming. Flags, Island outlines or elements that were obviously English. Then the name came up and it felt that the royal crest, modified and stylised would be the way to start working up. The green is sampled from the tones of the hops themselves. The unicorn and lion leap from the symbol of the Royal crest showing how Craddock’s use only British hops in this beer variety.