Bridgnorth Brewery Branding

How can you instil onto a brand a great brewery located in Bridgnorth, Shropshire? The 2nd question posed, can we update what I have into something more inspiring.
We could have used the bridge based in the town centre, but 15 miles down the Severn, is Bewdley Brewery, that uses a bridge as their branding device. The next step was to look at an emblematic building in Bridgnorth and integrate this into a device that had a connection with brewing. There once was a castle for which the town was famous for but today, only a stump exists.There is quirky cliff railway, but it can be missed, plus the Brewery supplies to a few pubs in the town centre, thus a central landmark would be helpful. Could we cover whatever the device was going to be, in hop vines? Too much detail in the hop flower to make an obvious first impression.

Finally, whilst observing a diagram about the brewing process, the mash tun had the right proportions to depict, in a simplistic way, Bridgnorth’s Town Hall. The client is a traditional brewer which has stayed away from the meteoric expansion of ‘craft’ beers, thus everything about the brand needed to speak classic and traditional.

The next step was to get the right typeface. Early 20th Century was the best fit, in fact I drew inspiration from a railway sign as the town has a great railway station and the Severn Valley has a fantastic rail heritage.

I looked at a fair few typefaces. Johnston is beautiful, that’s what is used on the London Underground, which although not steam rail, which is what runs on the SVR line up to Bridgnorth, evokes transport.

Helvetica works, but the face seemed too wide in it’s Medium weight and although a fantastic type, it is all too common out there. Transport and Fruitger were also good candidates. It was down to Gill Sans and the final choice, which I keep to myself. The right weight and the ‘non railway sign’ N, which was sharper than the flush cut versions seen in Gill Sans won it for me. The next step was to see the application, from merchandise to Point of Purchase material, right through the all important pump clip.