Omerta • Fixed Wheel Brewery

Fixed Wheel’s head brewer is a semi-pro cyclist, with a couple of wins under his belt as well as a passion for brewing. He produces exceptional beers brewed traditionally with a touch of craft.

We helped him design a new label for this great tasting Russian Imperial Stout ‘Omerta’.

Omerta, is the Mafia’s code of silence and family honour. In the world of cycling it has another meaning: the code of silence of the professional riders of the peloton that protects doping cyclists. No one talks or speaks of the cheats.

We created the character of a doping cyclist: his veins denote the dark Russian Imperial Stout and his lifeless eyes are those of a zombie.

Omerta exists in both cask and bottle. We also produced and transposed the cask graphic onto a bar runner. Runners are a great way to build brand awareness.