Bottle Shed Birmingham

I just received the green light to promote some branding work I created for a new client. It’s for a small venture supplying a very large, varied stock of bottled beer. When I went to the briefing meeting, the place was nowhere finished but had enough elements for me to take cues as well as understand the clients vision. Brendon is an extremely experienced and successful pub landlord and sees this venture as a dream that has been on the back burner for some years.

Upcycled, relaxed, stylish and inviting. By stylish I mean that the place, although made from found materials, had an original personalised vibe to it that I had not seen anywhere, or at least the way it was constructed felt effortless.

To help visualise the whole process, I created some visuals. They helped translate the vibe of the place as well as to allow Brendon to see how well the logo behaves on the different substrates and possible marketing materials such as t-shirts or Facebook, Twitter and Instagram mastheads, what the logo would look like as as stamp on a loyalty card scheme, amongst other visuals. No physical production was required for any of the examples attached, saving time and money for both of us.

The craft beer wave does not seem to slow down. Find out more about the Bottle Shed calling 0121 708 0108, Facebook or Twitter