Bottle Shed Birmingham

I just received the green light to promote some branding work I created for a new client. It's for a small venture supplying a very large, varied stock of bottled beer.

Omerta • Fixed Wheel Brewery

Fixed Wheel's head brewer is a semi-pro cyclist, with a couple of wins under his belt as well as a passion for brewing.

Bridgnorth Brewery Branding

How can you instil onto a brand a great brewery located in Bridgnorth, Shropshire? The 2nd question posed, can we update what I have into something more inspiring.

Sadler’s Brewhouse and Bar

Sadler's Brewhouse and Bar was opened in late March 2015, located in The Lye at the Conyers Trading Estate. After working with Sadler's Ales for best part of two years building their

Two Thirsty Brewers

We loved this exceptional project helping Two Thirsty Brewers redesign their new beer brand. These anthropomorphic figures combine the faces of two local brewers with a couple of fish thirsty for beer.

Windsor Castle Inn

We worked with our friends at the Windsor Castle Inn, Lye,  off the back of having been so successful with the

Logos and Identities

A selection of logos from some of our clients.

Sadler’s Brewery 2015 Tasting Notes

We were asked to design a pamphlet to support the sales team at tasting events and act as a keepsake for their large and loyal fan base.

Hop and Glory – Craddock’s Brewery

The pump clip, it’s what you see when you lean against the bar waiting for that first pint. For our friends at