MABfest 2.0

February 2016 sees the launch of MABfest 2.0, hosted at Twisted Barrel Brewery in Coventry.

The Fownes Brewing Company is in charge of brewing Cnebba, the second Mercian Alliance of Brewers collaboration beer. Cnebba was the son of King Icel, the latter was brewed by Twisted Barrel in September 2015. New members have joined forces in this second gathering, including Craddock’s Brewery, Brough’s Brewery, Kinver Brewery, and Rock and Roll Brewing Company to name but a few. It should be really good.

The clip itself follows the same theme as Icel. Dark, stoic and led by a central figure. There are no depictions for these monarch’s, so I allow for some artistic licence and also it is about getting a look and feel, rather than a carbo copy representation. Again, the Anglo Saxon typography gives the finishing touch to the theme. The background is a crop of an Anglo Saxon manuscript. A keg version was also produced for the event as well as a promo header to be used on Facebook. Lastly an A5 template with a mix of pump clip and Facebook imagery was used as a means to promote the event and beer list through print. Cheers.

Cnebba for MAbfest 2.0

Facebook Mabfest masthead

Cnebba Keg