Concepts and failed pitches

You’ll never fail until you stop trying

I must admit, it hurts. When you put all that effort into a pitch that you feel can move things forward for a client and you just don’t make it past the next phase, or phase 1 gets rejected or the costs are too high to warrant a brand update. It happens, and I must admit, even as a business person, it breaks my heart. Every project I undertake is with passion and interest, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing what I do and hope for a pay check month end. To get a design to the final product stage, takes a lot of effort, cost and brainstorming. The importance is communication and sense checking between client and designer.

I tend not to take things too personally. I have worked long enough in design to know that there will be that tender or pitch, that will go forward and fill me with joy. The money is secondary, and I mean that. The real drive is seeing the brand grow and being an integral part in that process. I have seen brands grow from Blackheath in the Black Country, through to the breweries in Birmingham, all the way to Naples with a detour via Singapore.

Below, a pitch to look at rebranding a brewery with vibrant imagery and strong typography. Cheers