Putting your life’s work in somebody else’s hands can be scary. That’s why we at the Upright One will never lecture you on your company’s image. Instead, we’ll work very hard to bring your business flair and values to the fore and present them in a coherent and up-to-date way. You’ve already baked the cake. We just put the icing on it.

Whether you are looking for: large-scale brand regeneration or a sharper, smarter sales brochures, the Upright One works on projects big or small. All our assignments carry equal weight. Don’t be afraid to contact us to find out how we can help you.

Here’s How
it Works

Tell us in your own words. You know what your business needs. Rather than haul you in for a long meeting and bore you with industry jargon, we’d prefer to get a brief from you first. If you’re not sure about the design you want yet don’t worry. Tell us instead where your business is going and what you want to achieve. We can connect the dots.

We’d also encourage you to look at our portfolio – it speaks for itself. You probably won’t find exactly what matches your requirements, but that’s a good thing – we make sure each client’s design is distinctive and yours won’t be a copy of anybody else’s. Conservative or left field, we’ll take the essence of you, your company and your beer and distil it to create something new and unique.

When you’re ready, You can call us on 01299 401428 or send us a message via our email contact form. If you email us, we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 business hours.


Finally, the money. Once we’ve heard your ideas and given the project some thought, we’ll send you an estimate. If we spot any grey areas, we’ll tell you early on – rather than surprise you with hidden costs later. And if you like our ideas and approve the price, we can get down to business. Modest budget? Let us know a ballpark figure and we’ll do our best to work with it.

. We usually invoice on completion. But if your project is large, we might set up a few milestones along the way. Once you receive the invoice, you’ll have up to 30 days from the issue date to make an online payment.