Hop Garden Harborne

Our friends at the Bottle Shed are spreading out to Harborne with a new pub.

Beer Bazaar

Both The Wellington and

Ruskin Land – Reviving the past

The brand draws it's inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement using a typeface inspired by the founding father William Morris.

Burning Soul Beers

In late 2016, Burning Soul Brewing, the brain child of two Birmingham based young men, Chris and Richard, approached me to visualise their three flagship beers, O.

Sadler’s Brewery Branding

How design made an impact to a small, family ran brewery Over the course of 18 months we helped

Fixed Wheel • Various

It's been a year since I have worked with Fixed Wheel and the range is getting bigger and the designs are getting finer and more intriguing.

Green Duck Beer Machine and banners

We collaborated with Green Duck Brewing Co of Stourbridge on the first Mabfest, helping the Mercian Alliance of Brewers launch their collaboration beer

Wyre, ode to a Forest

A bold and ambitious move by Bewdley's second and newest brewery, Crafted Brewing Co, was to can one of their flagship, small batch beers.

Bottle Shed Birmingham

I just received the green light to promote some branding work I created for a new client. It's for a small venture supplying a very large, varied stock of bottled beer.

Omerta • Fixed Wheel Brewery

Fixed Wheel's head brewer is a semi-pro cyclist, with a couple of wins under his belt as well as a passion for brewing.